10 Things to Learn on YouTube

January 15, 2018

Everything I Needed to Know I Found on YouTube

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YouTube has more than a billion users, almost a third of all people on the Internet. Users watch billions of hours of videos every day and create billions of views. YouTube has introduced local versions in more than 88 countries, and you can watch in 76 different languages ​​(covering 95% of the internet population).

YouTube is run by Susan Wojcicki, the 16th employee at Google, who encouraged the Company to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006, and was tapped to lead the spun-off company in 2014. YouTube is now valued at over $90 billion. I was privileged to meet Ms. Wojcicki when were on the Women in Tech circuit, encouraging more women to enter the industry.

Nearly half of Google’s management team are women (46%).  It’s the best record in tech. Apple has just one woman out of 11. Microsoft does a bit better with three out of 15, and IBM has four women out of 21 execs, and a female CEO, Ginny Rometty. Intel has a seven to 22 record.

YouTube has a million and one uses, including entertainment and news. Lot’s of people make money on YouTube. You can ironically watch a video about how to make money on YouTube on Amazon. And, if you are Prime Member it’s free.

My favorite YouTube use is for learning. I have learned everything from 25 ways to tie a scarf, a 15-minute Yoga routine for back pain, and how to manifest my desires. When my coworkers recently demanded EXCEL training, I laughed. I’d been learning EXCEL from YouTube for years.

An 8-year-old boy even learned how to drive on YouTube and drove himself to McDonalds.

YouTube videos have helped isolated kids understand their transgender experience better.

Thanks to TMobile Global if I need to watch a how to or travel video on the road it’s not problem.

My Favorite 6 Things to Learn on YouTube

  1. Cooking

It’s one thing to read a recipe and another to see the dish prepared step by step. There have been some memorable meals at my house thanks to YouTube. When we had forgotten how to make kim chee we just loaded up the videos and took a refresher course.

  1. How to Build a Web Empire

Every step of the process I have used videos to understand WordPress, Affiliate Links, Google Adsense, posting on Facebook, MailChimp campaigns and social media marketing strategies.

  1. Fitness

Yoga, Integral Training, 8-minute Abs. It’s all there for me when I need to burn a few calories and tighten my core.

  1. Learn a Language

I never would have been able to pronounce the ř in Czech without my helpful guides on video. I could hear and see them make the most difficult sound in the language. No need to stop there. You can find just about any language on YouTube.


Mandarin Chinese

Teaching and Learning English

  1. Study Physics


Well, I may not have immediate use for physics, but I like to learn and be curious. I can get bite size pieces of science to keep the ole brain cells spinning. And, physics fascinates me as the closest link in science to the spiritual realm. You can take Crash Course in Physics so you can move on to my favorite, string theory. Check out Minute Physics. 


  1. Personal Transformation

Check out these YouTube Channels for Learning, Growth, and Personal Development

TED Talks are my favorite. Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Nicole Daedone have all rocked my world with new information about how to be authentic in the world. How to connect with people. How to live my desires.

There are lots of top lists that include items that aren’t my thing, like learning an instrument or building a computer. But, hey, here is a list if things that might interest you. 8 new skills you can learn by watching YouTube.

And, there are great YouTube channels for educating your kids. I am happily past the need for those.

YouTube as a Social Experience

You can even make YouTube a social experience and watch movies simultaneously with your friends. The app UpTime , created by by Google’s internal incubator Area 120, is an iOS app that turns YouTube into a more social affair. Viewers of a video are represented as circles that hover over the square border of the video.

If your friends can’t join you, share your Playlists and they can watch anytime.

Machine Learning and YouTube

Machine learning has touched every aspect of the web and YouTube is no exception. Google is applying machine learning to curb the number of videos from terrorist-affiliated groups on its service. Recently, YouTube said the service had already begun redirecting searches for violent and extremist content, sending users to anti-terrorism videos instead.

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