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January 6, 2014

There is a war taking place in the CLOUD and the evil empire, Microsoft, is not above playing dirty.  It will take all my self-control not to turn this into a rant.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I selected a Windows laptop because of my preference for a robust version of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, not available even on the latest versions of Mac operating systems.  Well, not having my slides reverse and charts flip in Powerpoint is not worth the horror of Windows 8 and the complete lack of customer savvy of Microsoft.  Part of the reason I have not posted on a regular basis is the difficulty I have experienced staying connected to WiFi on the road.  At first I thought it was the WiFi available in my backpacker lifestyle, going from hostel to hostel.  But I noticed no one else was having a problem, especially the Mac users.  Finally, I had a strong WiFi connection and decided to download the Windows 8.1 offered for FREE every time I booted up.  Well, my WiFi connection is better, it was a Windows 8 bug.  But guess what else Windows 8.1 had to offer. 

First, I now have impaired access to Dropbox and Google Drive.  That means when I am using my Gmail I can’t attach documents from Dropbox.  I use Dropbox, not just because it rocks, but because my consulting group uses Dropbox and our clients use it to share folders outside their firewalls.  It isn’t just a nice to have, it is a must have.  I also can’t save to Dropbox from certain applications like Adobe Acrobat.  Slick trick Microsoft, but you have angered this customer so much I will never buy a PC again and be held hostage by such m&^%$$f())*&&^^s.  (Of course I just purchased this quite expensive ASUS Taichi – comparable in price to a MAC Airbook – so it won’t be tomorrow.)

This is not the first time Microsoft has pulled a stunt like this.  I still remember when the Justice Department had to intervene because Microsoft made it impossible to use any browser but Windows Explorer.  That ended badly for Microsoft and yet they have learned nothing.

Microsoft Lawsuit

My next communication will be to the Justice Department if Dropbox and Larry Page [CEO of Google if you live in a cave] haven’t called already.


It gets worse.  I received this Windows alert after the Windows 8.1 download.

Intel Message

We disabled your Bluetooth

Seriously Microsoft.  You ask me to download something that is going to disable my Bluetooth without warning.  My Intel Bluetooth, not some unknown company you’ve never worked with before.  That is true customer service.

Of course, being on the road I get all my support messages in Spanish so solving all my tech needs is a piece of cake.  But more about that later.  At least my Windows 8.1 WiFi connection is better so when I hunt down the right software on the Intel website I can maintain the connection for the download.

Who knew that it would be Microsoft that would bring my Global Mobile Adventure to its knees?

Join me Microsoft users in flooding the Microsoft Twitter and Facebook pages with a call to action.


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  • Jeff Pilisuk (@ienso) January 7, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Love your updates! I’m sure this is just one hiccup along the way in your mobile worker adventure. You could always invest in a chromebook. Google Chrome is going to wipe out Windows soon anyway, right?