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August 23, 2013

Dropbox and Box (formerly are two of the largest and most full-featured cloud storage and online backup services (others being Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Google Drive).  While Box has historically focused on businesses as their customer base, Dropbox has been consumer focus (but launched Dropbox for Teams in 2011 and rebranded it to Dropbox for Business in April 2013).

Dropbox has more revenues and market share but dollar-for-dollar, Box offers more storage.  Both services allow access via the web (browser-based), software for Linux, Mac and Windows PCs, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Demos on Dropbox vs. Box

But Box and Dropbox weren’t even at the top of The Top 10 Best Online Backup Companies

“What To Look For in an Online Backup Provider, “reminded us that there are now around 50 major online backup providers each have their own software, control panels and unique features.

The article offers Handy Tips for choosing a back-up provider, with a Chooser tool.

  • Do you need 5GB of Storage space for a few files or do you need unlimited Space for lots of photos, music and movies?
  • Is cost an issue, do you want to be paying $5 per month or $299 a month for a similar service with lots of additional redundancy.
  • Do you need to backup lots of computers, do these computers need to be synced?
  • Are you looking to backup a Mac or PC or both?
  • Do you require apps like iPhone, iPad and Android?
  • Do you need to share files with others?

Click Here to Use the Chooser.

The Chooser did not even suggest Dropbox or Box when I used the parameters of 100GB of storage and no more than $10 per month.  At the top of the list was, so I had to add it to my comparison with Carbonite (recommended by one of my personal tech gurus, Dr. Maria Hernandez of Latina Cubicle Confidential). seemed to provide everything on the lengthy comparison list that the others had, at $2.95 a month for unlimited storage; except I had never heard of them and I have found value in being a sheep in the technology ecosystem – people build more apps and features for you.

Carbonite dropped off my list when they didn’t provide mobile device support and didn’t support file-sharing.  It is really a backup only service. is partner with, a webhosting service.  JustCloud

Disclosure:  If you click on the JustCloud link on this blog I may receive compensation if you signup.  All witty quips and sarcastic comments expressed here are my own.

JustCloud is one of many creations of Just Develop It, which web based applications and services that aren’t over complicated, they re-think, re-design, re-develop and re-create them in a clean professional way, while keeping them simple, user friendly and effective.

Apparently Just Cloud is renowned for its super fast upload/download thanks to a specially built infrastructure which incorporates Google “Big Data” storage and Amazon s3 to maximize speed.

Security is a core feature of backup and I was impressed to learn that JustCloud security uses constant encryption with the utilization of a 256-bit secured socket layer encryption.  In any given stage or process of file transfers, your documents and media are stored securely with the company’s innovative cloud data centers that are facilitated 24 hours per day. JustCloud partnered with Amazon s3 the worlds most secure and durable data storage facility to built a truly bomb proof storage provider.  So there doomsdayers, as long as the power stays on I’m good, and it its off who cares about my the latest draft of my novel.  I’ve got bigger issues.

JustCloud has made online cloud storage simple by automating the whole upload process for you. Their software will automatically backup all your files to your free cloud storage space so you can access your files anywhere at anytime with new files and updates automatically uploading.

Signup for JustCloud

Well, that is exactly how I have experienced Dropbox.  Dropbox has AES-256 bit encryption, similar to that of a bank.  All files are completely private and can only be accessed by others if a link or file is intentionally shared by the owner.

Signup for Dropbox


Samsung is planning a new mobile device management platform called Samsung Knox.  Dropbox is in partnership with Samsung to integrate features .

Box_comAccording to the Box website, Box pioneered a new level of content management security, with role-based access controls, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and high-grade SSL encryption on transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest.

BOX is fundamentally designed as enterprise cloudware, as is going after the healthcare and education markets, in addition to being a partner of large enterprise companies like  It has useful collaboration tools like:

  • Post comments and discussions – Exchange feedback in one place, whether it’s a quick comment or an in-depth discussion.
  • Assign and manage tasks – Keep projects on track by assigning and managing tasks around any file.
  • Real-time activity feed – Get a detailed, real-time view of everything going on with your content.


Because I truly believe that gender balance makes a meaningful difference in innovation and the longevity of a company, I had to take a look at the leadership of Dropbox, Box and JustDevelop It.   The leadership team at JustDevelopIt is all male; women have titles like Executive Assistant and Head Chef.

Dropbox is title agnostic and has everyone’s photos on the website without segregating by leadership level.  My guess from reviewing the photos and titles of 460 employees is that Dropbox has 15% women overall – not sure if any are in leadership.

Box is the winner here with 15% of their leadership team composed of women (meaning 3 out of 20).

If I was selecting a backup/collaboration tool for a large group, Box would have an edge.  Instead I am designing a virtual world that must play well with others.  I cannot simply dictate the optimum environment.  I must seduce my collaborators to embrace the technology based on its ease of use and how many other places and people are asking it.

So for now it’s Dropbox. Like the Reviewer below (Click on the Review), when I hit the free ceiling I may re-evaluate and, as I must be flexible in my virtual world, I will get BOX and JustCloud accounts in the meantime.

JustCloud Review

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  • Marc December 1, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    Looking for the perfect platform for online storage (cloud ), I found COPY .com, a service just launched by Barracuda Networks, a well-known provider of network security and anti-spam.

    The first thing that catches the attention of COPY .com is that their referral system is incredible. Since they are new on this segment, they want to make sure that everyone will be looking for and to do that they had the bright idea of giving away a free 15GB account But if you sign up through a referral link (like mine here), you can get 20 GB of free space instead of 15!
    The nest part does not end there: for every person who installs and registers COPY through their referral link, validates email address and installs the client software will credit 5 GB of additional space to you and to the new subscriber. For the moment the space you can get for free is UNLIMITES, so take advantage now if you need online storage space: DO YOU NOW before they change their mind!

    In all features, COPY is very similar to Dropbox: you have a centralized folder where everything that moves or copy into is automatically uploaded to the cloud service of and synchronized between all of the computers where we will have installed it. You can access your files from iOS devices, Windows, MacOS , Linux, Android, everything is transferred over SSL and encrypted on their servers, which use a combination of public and private key and AES 256.
    But there are some specific details that make it unique
    – you do not need to copy or move the files in the root folder of necessity: this was the requirement required to Dropbox for a long time, and does it very well. Just create a shortcut to any folder into your Copy folder and all content in the destination folder will be synchronized and backed up online as well, staying in its original place in your hard drive! So just leave things where they are and simply create shortcuts, it works perfectly. Strangely, this is not advertised as a main feature on their site.
    – You can set permissions for shared files. For example, you can set a user to be able to “edit and synchronize” or “Read Only”.

    – Fair Condivision: If you want to share a folder, the amount of space used is “charged” dividing it among the members participating in the group. So if you share a folder of 50 GB among 5 people their space will not be deducted 50Gb each (like Dropbox does ) but only 10 each (⅕ of 50Gb). To explain this with an example:
    – User A wants to share a file of 50GB with User B – User A and B both have user accounts 100Gb.
    – User B synchronizes the file. The 2 users then see only 25 GB of space used for this specific action .
    – User A decides to share again with another user , user C.
    – The user decides to synchronize C and now everyone sees this action by using about 16GB of space.

    If you need a lot of space, their plans are very attractive. But before you run out of your 15 or 20 Gb free (if you register by clicking here: it will take a long time!

    – Security: being a service offered by Barracuda Networks, which has always worked on security products , I think this is a must for


    Try it yourself, you get 15 GB free at directly or even better get 20 GB free if you sign up by clicking here: Let us know on the comments what you think of the service.

    Note: To make sure you get the 20 GB :
    1) Register by clicking here:
    2 ) Validate your email address by clicking on email sent by ( check your spam folder if you do not ) .
    3 ) Install the client software on your computer and log in at least once.

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