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March 19, 2011

My first reaction to this headline was “such a typical male reaction to crisis – shoot it.”  You can’t argue with that fact – no matter the right or wrong of it.

In the last century we have repeated examples of military actions that left nation’s devastated, populations decimated, and morality abandoned.  Yet, our nations keep doing it again and again and again.  The simple solution is to feed the poor and create jobs for youth but our most powerful and “civilized” nations flex their military might instead.

Although the French, who praised Szarkozy’s predecessor Jacques Chirac when he declined to take part in the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and opinion polls show the French people are opposed to intervention in Libya, their leader lead the effort for the UN Security Council resolution.  And, our own President is being goaded into showing his might.

So what happened to non-violent protests?  Why has everyone forgotten Gandhi and Martin Luther King?  How do we sustain the practice of violent intervention when there are thousands of conflicts across the globe.  Oh, I forgot, a country is only a target of “benevolent” intervention when they have oil or a pipeline to transport it to the world.

I was certain the problem was the absence of feminine leadership in the World.  Just as the lack of feminine leadership contributed to the financial crisis     [WOMEN HEDGE FUND MANAGERS OUTPERFORM MEN]  it would now lead to the collapse of current world leadership.  A pathway would open for a shift in global power and that shift needed to be lead by WOMEN.

And THEN I saw this IMAGE.

and this IMAGE 

Our work is cut out for us….if we want to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.

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  • Valerie March 20, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    Also, Bahrain is taking part in the Jasmine Revolution, as people have taken to the streets to demand a representative government. And what are they met with? Violence, arrest, torture, a complete information crackdown. But Bahrain’s totalitarian regime is friendly to the US, so there will be press coverage, no intervention, no outrage on the world stage. Just the quiet death and disappearance of thousands of people who, inspired by the support their neighbors received, tried to bring democracy to their homeland.