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Crossing to the Dark Side or Seeing the Light

January 1, 2018

My Journey to My New MacBook Air   There were new ways to do things and some learning curve ahead, yet I liked the way things floated in and out, or popped up and whooshed. It really earned the name Lucy, given by moje manželka (my wife), because it was sleek, sassy, and filled with creative genius.   Switching to a Mac is something of been considering for years. I briefly used one at work decades ago. Back then there was…

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I recently went on a vacation with my daughter to Greece. Vacation travel is very different from digital nomad travel. And, modern travel is different from the vacation the trips I took with my parents in the station wagon. Technology has changed travel at…

November 13, 2017
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Few regular people understand the back office of technology. They rant and rave about their app not doing this or their mobile device not doing anything on that website. They are uninterested in what it took to make it do any of those things…

April 29, 2017