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Digital Culture

Digital Nomads – Crazy, or Crazy Like a Fox

I realize that for some the idea of packing your life up and moving outside the U.S. without some fat job offer and a relocation package sounds crazy.  Yet living outside your comfort zone by thousands of miles can sharpen your skills and your…

January 26, 2015
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When You Redefine Home

As the summer settles into fall I am beginning to realize I am redefining home.  I have had coffee and pivo with other expats to gain a sense of the road ahead.  I’m jarred a bit by the references to a transient life.  I’m…

October 25, 2014
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Is Entrepreneurship a Culture?

As a Global Mobile Worker I tend to hang out in co-working spaces.  The advantage besides a more disciplined place to work than my kitchen table, is meeting inspiring creative people.  And, the reality is my consulting firm is a startup.  We just celebrated…

June 12, 2014
Digital Culture


The way we use television has changed forever.  It’s not just what your antenna can pick up, in fact your antenna is a museum relic at this point.  So, selecting a TV has become as complex as picking a tablet or choosing a SMART…

April 7, 2014