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November 13, 2017

I recently went on a vacation with my daughter to Greece. Vacation travel is very different from digital nomad travel. And, modern travel is different from the vacation the trips I took with my parents in the station wagon. Technology has changed travel at every touch point. We book the hotel tickets online, we research places to go online, we book hotels online. A mobile app tells us that our flight’s delayed, usually after we’ve arrived at the airport. Some…

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See larger image Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Legend Short Sleeve T-Shirt New From: $17.95 – $51.38 Variations:: The remote worker lifestyle requires a wardrobe that’s mobile too. You need travel clothes that make travel more comfortable, while not identifying you as homeless. Even when you…

October 8, 2017
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We are celebrating Liberation Day here in my new home in Prague. It is a day filled with symbolism for me. I am familiar with the history of this day in this country. The people of this nation had their lives back. Had survived…

May 8, 2017