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In Turbulent Times – the best places for Digital Nomads

October 1, 2017

One of the best parts about becoming a Digital Nomad was leaving my country of origin before its slide into absurdity. Although fifteen minutes of watching the news suggest these are times of chaos, throughout human history chaos is humanities middle name. With a war waging between Christianity and Islam, the United States being hacked by Russia, and the Trumptastic responses to North Korean aggression, the world seems to be a patchwork quilt of insanity. So where can a Digital…

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Few regular people understand the back office of technology. They rant and rave about their app not doing this or their mobile device not doing anything on that website. They are uninterested in what it took to make it do any of those things…

April 29, 2017
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How many times have you clicked on an app, went in search of that photo you took back then, or went to Spotify and thought “I hope it remembers me?” Hours later you may curse the invasion of your privacy at the hands of…

February 28, 2016