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Preparing for Travel Abroad – Six Things You Should Do Now

January 8, 2018

It was four years ago that we were preparing to travel abroad, one of us to a place of mystery, the other returning home. I have now made a home in the Czech Republic and took a job that has me travelling internationally. Preparing for international travel, quite naturally requires extra steps. Just because I am now off the backpacker highway doesn’t mean I can stop preparing. I learned it the hard way when my colleague and I were taking…

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I recently went on a vacation with my daughter to Greece. Vacation travel is very different from digital nomad travel. And, modern travel is different from the vacation the trips I took with my parents in the station wagon. Technology has changed travel at…

November 13, 2017
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See larger image Nike Women’s Dri-Fit Legend Short Sleeve T-Shirt New From: $13.83 – $53.38 Variations:: The remote worker lifestyle requires a wardrobe that’s mobile too. You need travel clothes that make travel more comfortable, while not identifying you as homeless. Even when you…

October 8, 2017