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virtual work

Finding Romance on the Digital Road

One of the challenges of a Digital Nomad existence is finding romance. Since I explored this topic in “IS GLOBAL MOBILE WORK A DISCONNECT? THE POWER OF CONNECTION”, conversations in my global citizens network confirm, Tinder is a legitimate option. This makes it even…

November 19, 2016
virtual work

Work From Home In 2016: The Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs

Remote Work is not just about freelancing. The third annual list is based on an analysis of 40,000+ companies. The top two fields offering telecommuting opportunities are tech/IT and a surprising industry. Source: Work From Home In 2016: The Top 100 Companies For Remote…

November 4, 2016
virtual work

How to hire your employer

So many people I talk to are looking for a company to hire them. Flip that around. What job do you want to hire. Checkout this new way to look at your career from the author of Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation…

October 18, 2016