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China and the New World Order — In These Times

October 5, 2010

China and the New World Order — In These Times.

Think of the massive amounts of economic and political energy required to maintain U.S. dominance.  Given the expanding and explosive needs of U.S. citizens for basic food and housing the U.S. will struggle to continue such efforts.  A bad thing?  Maybe not.

What has U.S. dominance provided for the average U.S. citizen besides bragging rights?  We are hated around the world.  A brief scan of the nations that had a rise and a fall, like Britain, France and Germany, indicates that falling off the throne is not catastrophic.  An opportunity to focus on your own citizens and lower the aggression level can be rewarding and other than angry retaliation, the U.S. is not at risk of a foreign invasion.  Let’s let go!

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