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December 8, 2013

I am working in my friend Omar’s office this week, loving the Wi-Fi and getting a lot done after two weeks on the road and with inconsistent Wi-Fi. Omar is the creative director of Alfa&Beta Publicidad, a creative agency in Bolivia.

Alpha Beta Publicidad
He does everything from websites to graphics for brochures, newsletters, and most recently a giant wall calendar for Pretensa, a construction company building the new Bolivia.

Omar spent several years in the U.S., in San Francisco and Miami. He understands the nuances of the U.S. and Latin America markets and the language of both. We have both heard stories of companies who didn’t understand that Cultura es Importante. There is not a direct translation for everything. The internet makes it possible for Omar to work with U.S. companies who want to create an English/Spanish website or who want to enter the Latin American market in a culturally sensitive way. One thing I love about Bolivians is they speak a pure, clear Spanish and I have done much better here than Chile, and of course better than the Portuguese of Brazil.

Omar and I keep in touch as citizens of one of the largest countries in the world; Facebook. As I ride through the streets of Bolivia in a Trufi (a shared cab) I see lots of signs announcing a business’ Facebook page.  All of these things make the world a smaller, friendlier more connected place.

Alfa&Beta Publicidad


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