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Digital Nomads Aren’t Just Hippies

November 8, 2014

guy in cargo shorts

An image has developed of a Digital Nomad.  He, yeah it’s usually a guy, is dressed in cargo shorts with a bandana around his neck and a backpack at his feet.  And, yes, there are many of those among the digital nomad community.  But it is a wildly diverse community.


My friend, Suzy, not her real name because I ddidn’task her permission and because it sounds cool to say with a British accent, which is where Suzy is from, is a professional woman.  She works for a corporation in a role that requires her to travel globally and where she lives doesn’t matter so much, so she picked Prague.  She, like many digital nomads, has cargo shorts days and days where you put on a suit.

ditial nomad on a surfboard

Then there’s my colleague who as a gay man prefers to live in the U.S. and not the headquarters of the Swiss company he works for.  His location requires global travel anyway so he home bases with his partner in the U.S. and nomads where and when called for.

The hybrid digital nomad comes from the corporate world and has escaped through social media.

Jodi-EttenbergFolks like Jodi Ettenberg had the guts and the passion to disconnect from the machine and find unconventional ways to generate revenue while living in places so cheap you don’t have to generate so much.  Jodi stays connected to her traditional community who are now her potential audience.  This YouTube video is an excellent example of how she has harnessed social media to spread her message and increase her revenue.



Corporate digital nomads rely heavily on technology tools to keep them connected to a professional network.  They are the ones to ask about connective technologies.  I have had to work with many CRM systems as a consultant.  The current project I am working on has me testing InsightlyInsightly

My last project was on ZoHo.  Not a fan.





TrelloI am also on a new Trello journey – have used it unsuccessfully with another team because of a low adoption rate.  The very techie project manager was way ahead of the crowd.  Yet I couldn’t keep up with it even though I was on a search for a ToDo/Project app.  A search which I have temporarily abandoned and returned to post it notes and scratch paper.

Let me know your favorites.

Of course, we are sharing files on dropbox    Dropbox is a more intimate part of my life than any other application, even Gmail.  So take that google, I’m not riding in your DRIVE.Google Drive Icon


But, I must admit, I was drawn to this life by a guy in cargo shorts and no shirt working from a hammock in Lake Huacachina, Peru, because he could work from anywhere for IBM.  I am happy to contribute to the diversity of images of digital nomads, even though I keep my suit days to a minimum.

Guy in hammock with laptop




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