The C in Co-Working Space Also Stands for Community

When I first arrived in town I used Meetup to find people who shared common interest. That led me straight to Locus Co-working space. Once in the door, I quickly connected with both the startup community and the writing community, common members of co-working spaces. It has been almost three years now and although I […]

Finding Romance on the Digital Road

One of the challenges of a Digital Nomad existence is finding romance. Since I explored this topic in “IS GLOBAL MOBILE WORK A DISCONNECT? THE POWER OF CONNECTION”, conversations in my global citizens network confirm, Tinder is a legitimate option. This makes it even better.Tinder Reengineers Its Gender Field, With Help From The Trans Community […]


Returning to a full-time job life has been equal parts thrilling and destabilizing. The job is fascinating, filled with mystery and deeply intense. The job demanded extensive periods of time in Seattle, which thrust me into the world of my former country. More about that later. I’ve discovered that nothing defines your desires better than […]

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