Global mobile citizens, naturally, have a different Mother’s Day experience than they would in their home country. First, it’s not celebrated on the same day. Last week was Mother’s Day in the Czech Republic. It passed with a whisper. Nothing like Mother’s Day in the United States celebrated at mythic proportions, fueled by the capitalist […]

What Kind of Crazy Idea Was This?

Sorry for the radio silence but the task of moving and preparing for travel overwhelmed us. We went non-stop for two weeks packing and begging people to take our things for free. The amount of energy required to give things away told me how tired Bay Areians at least of hoarding. We had Garage Sales […]

The Ultimate Decision – What Ultrabook Will Keep Me Mobile and Productive

I asked myself – what are my critical wants – My Decisionmakers?    Ability to use touchscreen technology Handwriting recognition technology (Samsung’s on the lead on this) Voice Recognition technology (may be only a dream) 2+ USB ports Light Weight Durability – I’m really clumsy Reliability – I won’t know where the best local computer […]

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