Global mobile citizens, naturally, have a different Mother’s Day experience than they would in their home country. First, it’s not celebrated on the same day. Last week was Mother’s Day in the Czech Republic. It passed with a whisper. Nothing like Mother’s Day in the United States celebrated at mythic proportions, fueled by the capitalist […]


We are celebrating Liberation Day here in my new home in Prague. It is a day filled with symbolism for me. I am familiar with the history of this day in this country. The people of this nation had their lives back. Had survived a dark time. Could rebuild. That is just what this city […]

Where in the World Was the Global Mobile Worker? Or How Not to Migrate to a Hosted Server

URGENT NEWS RELEASE – I’M BACK In the over four years that I have been doing this blog, there were very few gaps in posting. I posted from jungles in Guatemala, I posted from Havana, Cuba, talking my way into a hotel’s business center because that is the only place to get the internet in […]

Global Mobile Workers in Color

The internet promised many things upon is inception. To democratize knowledge by sending information to the farthest cornors of the earth, to shed light on the evils and corruption of governments, and to break down the barriers of gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. You could chat with people all over the world and they wouldn’t […]


  It’s natural that I would take stock of my time in Seattle on the day of my departure. It’s been an impactful trip. I am glad my reintroduction to the United States was in a city I didn’t know well. I could say hello to my country with a fresh perspective. With the same […]

Crossing Borders is Not for Sissies

Crossing Borders – A Series ©some rights reserved by Josh*m What it Means to go Beyond the Borders of my Country I now regret my brief moment of laughter at the business man who came rushing into the Brazilian Consulate where I was waiting to pick up my visa.  He had rushed from the airport […]


When you travel internationally and power up your laptop you realize that the mobile world is keeping track of you.  I am greeted in each new country by a message from T-Mobile Global, “Welcome to …. When I click on the Google tab on my browser reminds me where I am today, with Google Peru […]


There is a war taking place in the CLOUD and the evil empire, Microsoft, is not above playing dirty.  It will take all my self-control not to turn this into a rant.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I selected a Windows laptop because of my preference for a robust version of Word, Excel, […]

Cultura es Importante

I am working in my friend Omar’s office this week, loving the Wi-Fi and getting a lot done after two weeks on the road and with inconsistent Wi-Fi. Omar is the creative director of Alfa&Beta Publicidad, a creative agency in Bolivia. He does everything from websites to graphics for brochures, newsletters, and most recently a […]

How Can I Call You in The Virtual World????????

The panic of what I am about to do has escalated.  Couldn’t sleep and was in my coffeeshop office by 6:20 am.   Each time I do something I think how will I be doing this a month from now.  I was asked last-minute to join a conference call yesterday.  I had to call a phone number – […]

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