We are celebrating Liberation Day here in my new home in Prague. It is a day filled with symbolism for me. I am familiar with the history of this day in this country. The people of this nation had their lives back. Had survived a dark time. Could rebuild. That is just what this city […]

Letting Go to Get Ahead

Crossing-Borders – A Series    What it Means to go Beyond the Borders of my Country We are dismantling our apartment amid the rantings and rhetoric of a U.S. government shutdown.  This madness is juxtapositioned by my experience at the Brazilian Consulate where they demanded proof I would be leaving their country.  My arrogant American […]

It’s All About the Debt

As the world waits with bated breath for the raising of the U.S. debt ceiling, debt is in the news globally.  Slowly and painfully the world has recognized that the ferocious economic growth that became the promise of the future was made almost entirely possible by debt.  Capital markets have become increasingly fueled by creative investment […]

Let Them Eat Cake – Will the Widening Gap Between the Rich and Poor Lead to Revolution?

In the  Financial Timess, Pamela Gordon, whose income lands her smack in the middle class, was asked if she felt middle class.  “I think middle class is someone who doesn’t have to wait until payday to pay their bills.  If I miss one paycheck I’m in trouble.”  Well fewer and fewer Americans are meeting that […]


Is A New Woman; more sexually confident and no longer afraid of leadership being born in American culture?    San Francisco’s  7 x 7 magazine announced in “Sex and the SF Woman,” that the city’s new wave of feminism wholeheartedly embraced sex and the disparities between the men and women having it.  SF experts had dedicated their lives to […]

Is A New Woman Emerging?

A Two Part Exploration  Kim Kardashian recently told Live&Style magazine “I can’t wait to get married…I’ve thought about it all for so long.  What woman hasn’t thought about her wedding since she was a little girl?” Well, what’s the answer America? Women are uniquely groomed for marriage. Millions of images exist in our folklore and media […]

US Census 2010 – And The Children Shall Lead The Way

PART II of a two-part series. Some 40 states show population losses of white children since 2000 due to declining birth rates. Minorities represented all the increases in the under-18 population in Texas and Florida, and most of the gains in the child population in Nevada and Arizona. Growth has come from minorities, particularly Hispanics, […]

US Census 2010 – A Changing Nation

A Discussion in Two Parts LATINO NATION? The news is starting to pop with stories of the way our nation has changed since the last time legions of census takers roamed the cities and fields of America.  Politicians and activist have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the redistricting data that will […]

Things May Not Always Be What They Seem

I was walking down the street today past a group of conservatively dressed Muslim men, and then another.  I thought of the many Muslim men living in my building, with more coming each month.  “Is San Francisco breeding a terrorist cell?” I thought.  And then I stopped myself, mid-sidewalk.  Why did they have to be […]


Don’t just imagine that sentence in a foreign accent.  There is an American voice that feels the dollar doesn’t need to be the dominant form of currency.  Two separately emerging movements are challenging the superiority of the dollar; global dissatisfaction with the dollar and American resurgence in barters and exchanges.  On the global front there […]

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