Is English the International Language?

  My journey through South America and Central America* forced me to think about the power of language.  My partner and I were constantly struggling to understand who, what, where, even though we spoke Spanish.  Each country had its own version of it, its own pacing and speed, its own slang.  Soup wasn’t just sopa, […]


While you can get away from civilization, or your manager, or your country for that matter you can’t escape the Tax Man.  There is an old American saying the only two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes. Since I was travelling for over four months I missed the season when my mailbox actually became […]


Now that I am stationary for a while I have to get my technology in place, European Style.  Thanks to TMOBILE Global I can put my mobile phone needs aside for a minute and concentrate on stable, steady, strong internet and getting me some good ole brain mushing American TV. There are a lot of […]


With a laptop, tablet and cell phone, workers are spreading out across town, and sometimes even across continents to be creative at work. For years experts have predicted that the world was shifting to mobile work.  Change was slow and the vision of the mobile worker was limited to three narrow categories: Office-based mobile worker: […]


Andrew Jenks, a documentary filmmaker whose social television found a home on MTV, chronicled his experiences living for one week at a time with young people from all walks of life.   Through the show, college tours, Facebook and Twitter, Jenks uncovers the raw nerves that are jangling through his generation. Andrew Jenks Jenks:  The thousands […]

It’s All About the Debt

As the world waits with bated breath for the raising of the U.S. debt ceiling, debt is in the news globally.  Slowly and painfully the world has recognized that the ferocious economic growth that became the promise of the future was made almost entirely possible by debt.  Capital markets have become increasingly fueled by creative investment […]

Let Them Eat Cake – Will the Widening Gap Between the Rich and Poor Lead to Revolution?

In the  Financial Timess, Pamela Gordon, whose income lands her smack in the middle class, was asked if she felt middle class.  “I think middle class is someone who doesn’t have to wait until payday to pay their bills.  If I miss one paycheck I’m in trouble.”  Well fewer and fewer Americans are meeting that […]

Is A New Woman Emerging?

A Two Part Exploration  Kim Kardashian recently told Live&Style magazine “I can’t wait to get married…I’ve thought about it all for so long.  What woman hasn’t thought about her wedding since she was a little girl?” Well, what’s the answer America? Women are uniquely groomed for marriage. Millions of images exist in our folklore and media […]

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