Global Mobile Workers in Color

The internet promised many things upon is inception. To democratize knowledge by sending information to the farthest cornors of the earth, to shed light on the evils and corruption of governments, and to break down the barriers of gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. You could chat with people all over the world and they wouldn’t […]


  It’s natural that I would take stock of my time in Seattle on the day of my departure. It’s been an impactful trip. I am glad my reintroduction to the United States was in a city I didn’t know well. I could say hello to my country with a fresh perspective. With the same […]

When You Redefine Home

As the summer settles into fall I am beginning to realize I am redefining home.  I have had coffee and pivo with other expats to gain a sense of the road ahead.  I’m jarred a bit by the references to a transient life.  I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for.  Do I want to […]

Is Entrepreneurship a Culture?

As a Global Mobile Worker I tend to hang out in co-working spaces.  The advantage besides a more disciplined place to work than my kitchen table, is meeting inspiring creative people.  And, the reality is my consulting firm is a startup.  We just celebrated our first anniversary and we have climbed many of the same […]


My digital lover is in the hospital.  I am desolate, but managing to reconnect with my former companion, The Toshiba.  Yes, my better half, my ASUS Taichi 21 never regained its ability to project on the tablet screen, its mind completely scrambled by the torrent of Windows Updates thrown at it to fix all the […]


Now that I am stationary for a while I have to get my technology in place, European Style.  Thanks to TMOBILE Global I can put my mobile phone needs aside for a minute and concentrate on stable, steady, strong internet and getting me some good ole brain mushing American TV. There are a lot of […]

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