Digital Nomads Aren’t Just Hippies

An image has developed of a Digital Nomad.  He, yeah it’s usually a guy, is dressed in cargo shorts with a bandana around his neck and a backpack at his feet.  And, yes, there are many of those among the digital nomad community.  But it is a wildly diverse community.   My friend, Suzy, not […]

When You Redefine Home

As the summer settles into fall I am beginning to realize I am redefining home.  I have had coffee and pivo with other expats to gain a sense of the road ahead.  I’m jarred a bit by the references to a transient life.  I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for.  Do I want to […]

Is English the International Language?

  My journey through South America and Central America* forced me to think about the power of language.  My partner and I were constantly struggling to understand who, what, where, even though we spoke Spanish.  Each country had its own version of it, its own pacing and speed, its own slang.  Soup wasn’t just sopa, […]


While you can get away from civilization, or your manager, or your country for that matter you can’t escape the Tax Man.  There is an old American saying the only two things you can’t avoid are death and taxes. Since I was travelling for over four months I missed the season when my mailbox actually became […]

My Picks for the Global Mobile Worker Project

Well I have survived the first and most dramatic leg of my global mobile journey.  I can count it as a success.  I was able to stay connected despite Windows 8, the vagaries of hostel WiFi and the challenges of a backpacker lifestyle that has you on ten hour bus rides and requires you to […]


As challenging as Windows 8 has made my life, the remoteness of our journey makes it harder.  We travelled to the pueblo of El Remate, Guatemala so that we could venture to the Mayan ruins of Tikal.  El Remate is a small town on a lake, swollen from heavy rains.  Docks are under water and […]

Crossing Borders is Not for Sissies

Crossing Borders – A Series ©some rights reserved by Josh*m What it Means to go Beyond the Borders of my Country I now regret my brief moment of laughter at the business man who came rushing into the Brazilian Consulate where I was waiting to pick up my visa.  He had rushed from the airport […]

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