Dear Readers I hope you’ve missed me while I was transitioning to a new life. Gone are the lazy days of working at the kitchen table for a couple of hours before I even brushed my teeth. Afternoons at co-working spaces with a random collection of digital nomads. I have transitioned into the world of […]

The Global Mobile Worker – A Solution to the Talent Gap

A consistent theme at #WebSummit 2015 was the war for talent. Every co-founder cited getting good talent in the door as one of their greatest challenges, and one most didn’t expect. What Founders learned was talent is not just about developers. It takes a range of skills to build a company. These Founders thought there would […]


The key to living the location independent lifestyle is finding work from anywhere that you can do anywhere. Even though I am now stationary in Prague, I am still building a freelancer lifestyle.  Like many location independent professionals I debate with myself about the “stability” of a job versus the freedom of freelancing.  Sometimes the […]

The New Innovators – Generations Take to the Road

As I was walking through the streets of Prague, lost again, I realized how much being a foreigner fires up your brain cells.  I can’t help but be more creative in a new country because I am trying to figure out what’s going on 24/7. There is a peacefulness to it.  I’m not bombarded with […]

Digital Nomads Aren’t Just Hippies

An image has developed of a Digital Nomad.  He, yeah it’s usually a guy, is dressed in cargo shorts with a bandana around his neck and a backpack at his feet.  And, yes, there are many of those among the digital nomad community.  But it is a wildly diverse community.   My friend, Suzy, not […]

I’ve Given My Life to Google

The other day I remembered a promise to call someone and rushed to enter it into my calendar, my Google Calendar.  In that moment I recognized I had handed my life over to Google. It has happened a lot lately.  I agreed to take part in a webinar with a respected colleague, Nancy Mace, who […]

My Picks for the Global Mobile Worker Project

Well I have survived the first and most dramatic leg of my global mobile journey.  I can count it as a success.  I was able to stay connected despite Windows 8, the vagaries of hostel WiFi and the challenges of a backpacker lifestyle that has you on ten hour bus rides and requires you to […]

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