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June 12, 2011

Is A New Woman; more sexually confident and no longer afraid of leadership being born in American culture?   

San Francisco’s  7 x 7 magazine announced in “Sex and the SF Woman,” that the city’s new wave of feminism wholeheartedly embraced sex and the disparities between the men and women having it.  SF experts had dedicated their lives to this new rEvolution.  Ginger Murray, editor in chief of Whore!, following in the path of Bitch and Bust magazines, declared “women have had sexuality projected onto them, living in a state of being desired…we’ve been learning how to embody this sexuality and create our own desire.  It’s all about the way we come to that place where we can say, ‘I want this, so I will engage in this,’ instead of living our entire psychological identity in terms of how we fit into other people’s ideals.”

Nicole Daedone, OneTaste founder, recently launched a new site called Turned On Woman.  Her reason: “A lot of work’s been done already around equal rights.  I’m interested in equal fulfillment.  When a woman is fulfilled, everyone in her life will benefit, including men…Work becomes joyous.  The lights are on enough to see your purpose and desire.”

Women seeking leadership positions are starting to say the same things.  Sylvia Hewitt’s Center for Work/Life Policy has changed the thinking on how women make it into top positions.  In “Sponsorship Effect,” she tells women they need to ask for what they want. Many have pointed out that women are often uncomfortable volunteering for tough assignments, or “wait to be asked.”  A lack of sponsorship may be the reason.  But when they do ask powerful things happen.

How Sponsorship Can Help Senior Women Break the Marzipan Ceiling

Samantha Jones, Public Relations, taught us that a powerful woman could be sexy and successful.  She was what every man feared and didn’t give a damn.  She knew that she held the power in the place men were most powerless.  It is no coincidence that “Sex and the City” appealed more to women and gay men that the male demographic.–gtkg&NR=1

But we still have a few things to overcome.  We still struggle with the media to confirm the new viewpoint.  When powerful women are vying for the position of Leader of the Free World and attention is called to their dress, makeup and hairdo’s it can be challenging to be taken seriously.

There are wonderful ways that more powerful, empowered, and fulfilled women will benefit America.  That kind of energy is critical to innovation and creativity during a time when America is challenged by Global competition.

Let’s all embrace the Evolving Woman.    

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