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July 25, 2015

Collage of connectionDespite the social media generation’s confusion about the true definition of friendship Like Buttonpeople inwardly value physical connection.


Dropbox SyncI do feel a sense of connection when the Dropbox dialogue box shows me that my colleagues are being productive while  I cruise Facebook.


But, I too need occasional face to face interactions to fuel my creativity.Human Connection

A challenge for digital nomads – how much time people will invest in getting to know you is balanced against how long you’ll be staying in town.

So, it helps to focus on people with whom you have the most in common so you that no matter how brief the encounter your offer the promise of a beneficial exchange.

MeetupMeetup has been a lifeline for me. While, quite frankly, Meetup sometimes felt a little creepy when I was living in San Francisco, I did find my first Write-a-thons, groups where people get together and just write for hours – grateful for the discipline of a time and place. In Prague, Meetup is a valued resource. I joined Prague Entrepreneurs, Prague Women in Technology, and met some of my friends when I first arrived and joined Foreigners in Prague at my first Prague Museum Night.

creativemorningsCreative Mornings is another great option. There is a monthly global topic and then each city makes something creative, hip and fun happen. Sadly the Creative Mornings in Prague are mostly in Czech, but the people just feel creative and many of them do chat with me in English before the presentation.

I was able to score seats for this month’s Creative Mornings which will be in English.

Creative mornings DIYConnection is even harder when you’re on the road. But, there’s an App for that. Several actually.

There is an app that lets hotel guests find companionship on the road. Billed as “The Travelers Social Network,” guests can use the HelloTel app to check into their hotel and show whether they’re there for “business” or “socializing.”   Once checked in, users can search for happenings in the area and can reach out to people either on the public forum or in a private message.

Perfect tool to create a startup backpacker trail. Do the global tech events circuit, like the Dublin Tech Summit in November. Hook up with like-minded entrepreneurs passing through town. That is the idea behind Startuptravels which lets you connect with other local entrepreneurs on your next trip.

A number of new apps have launched that are designed to help backpackers find companionship on the Hostel trail.

Hostel TrailHallways launched in August of last year.

There is Gomio, backpackr and RM8 in beta.


RM8 is taking a smart approach to offer multiple value propositions to hostel owners in a bid to become their dominant mobile marketing platform. RM8 lets hostel guests  select their dormmates.

One hostel in Berlin is at the intersection of entrepreneurship and travel with their own app. Gulliver was developed by three German and Swiss passionate travelers. The App is brand new so the guys come by the hostel every now and then to see how guests get along with Gulliver.

Fear not Digital Nomads – you can still find connection on the road. And if it’s a love connection you yearn for there is always Grindr, Tinder and HER or Wapa for the lesbian and female bisexual community, and Hinge the dating app for educated people.

If you want more than a hookup apps like Plenty of Fish has over 50 million members and a lot of features to help you meet the right one, in the right place, at the right time. If you’ve already loved and lost with OkCupid, give a different sea a try.

If you fall in love and are still on the road here are 11 Ways to have romance in long distance relationships.

Remember, being a Digital Nomad really Improves How We Connect with People, so invite a Digital Nomad to dinner. We have a lot to offer, even if we are only in town for a month or two.

WE are spiritual beings having a human experience





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