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June 8, 2014

SadFace Goodbye

My digital lover is in the hospital.  I am desolate, but managing to reconnect with my former companion, The Toshiba.  Yes, my better half, my ASUS Taichi 21 never regained its ability to project on the tablet screen, its mind completely scrambled by the torrent of Windows Updates thrown at it to fix all the things that should have been done right to begin with.

After 25 hours of downloading and installing and uninstalling and reinstalling and a system reset I had to throw in the towel and acknowledge its spirit was broken.  The good news is system resets are not as disastrous and painful as they used to be thanks to THE CLOUD.

The Cloud

All of my documents are on Dropbox.  My McAfee protection is a subscription and not some CD that I have to dig through a drawer to find when I need to reinstall it.  My Microsoft Office 365 is also a subscription that I would just reinstall after wiping my machine clean like it was a newborn baby fresh out of its box.  So when the system reset didn’t work I didn’t feel too badly about having to pack up my ASUS because I could just access my digital life on my old Toshiba that had made the successful transatlantic crossing in a big green trunk and was now the companion of my flesh and blood lover, yes I have one of those too.


Lucky for me ASUS has a facility in the Czech Republic so I made a reservation on their website and a DPD (the DHL/UPS/FedEx of CZ) van arrived and took my ASUS away.

I was given a weblink to check up on its progress.


Thanks to Dropbox – Google Chrome – Evernotes my life barely changed.  The day the DPD driver drove off with my Asus I walked back inside, powered up the Toshiba I shared with my significant other, and with the highly functional Windows 7 I was back in business.

evernotes                                                               dropbox


And best of all I have my old screen background back that I had didn’t add to the Asus in the name of battery life on the road.

Steve Jobs

What would Steve think about the debacle that is Windows 8?

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