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My Love Affair with Evernotes

November 2, 2015

There are few apps/programs/products that I consider essential to my very existence. Evernotes is one of them. Evernotes is my brain on steroids in the Cloud.

I was an early adopter of the Palm Pilot because I am an information hoarder and the Palm Pilot made it possible for me to carry massive amounts of data in my purse – well organized and easily retrievable. And then they died.

I can’t remember where or how I learned of Evernotes, but once I signed on I was hooked. I was amazed at the ease and thoughtfulness of the application and how it easily kept all the knowledge I had curated at my fingertips.

Then the product just got better and better, thinking about all the ways I liked to collect and retrieve information. I always felt a bit schizophrenic with paper filing systems because the info could be filed under that or this, and it could also be about that, and maybe a little bit of this other thing. With tags I can express all those possibilities.

Then Evernotes acknowledged that there were multiple ways I like to collect information, by text, by handwriting, and even a snapshot. Who are these people, they are amazing. This is one of the most satisfying relationships I’ve ever had.

Evernotes touches every part of my life. If I am organizing an article or a blog post I can use the web clipper to save relevant web pages, add ideas that come to me while I am on the Metro, and search my vast archive for the ten things I’ve already forgotten on the topic, but are highly relevant.

I can capture products and prices when shopping for price comparisons. I even keep my grocery shopping list on Evernotes. All my favorite places to eat or places I want to try are in Evernotes. I can even capture pictures of interiors as a reminder about just how cozy the spot is for a chat with a friend, or which place has a fireplace for those chilly days.

My Great Adventure through South and Central America, including packing lists and transportation options was all there for me on Evernotes as we slogged through jungles and remote locations. (Thanks again to TMobile Global).

When I need to find my way around the twisted streets of Prague I simply take a screenshot of my google maps, make sure I sync my Evernotes before I leave the house and have access to the map when I hop off the tram near my destination.

My partner recently bought a new apartment and has been feverishly collecting design ideas. I’ve taught my techno-phobic partner to use Evernotes on her Kindle to web clip ideas and organize them by rooms in the apartment. We share the notebook so that I can add great ideas I find as well. Evernotes has brought us closer than ever.

ARTSTAQWhen I was researching productivity apps for the startup I worked with here in Prague, ARTSTAQ, I realized Evernotes was the perfect knowledge management partner. With the addition of Work Chats and Notebook sharing small businesses can easily capture the brain power of their employees, especially after they are gone. Using a combination of standardized tags and full text search capability Evernotes is an inexpensive powerhouse for knowledge retrieval.

Web SummitI’m packing my bags to attend #WebSummit in Dublin next week and Evernotes is right there for me. I have a note with all the people I want to meet, bios on some of the heavy hitters. A list of must see places in Dublin and directions on how to get from the Airport on public transportation. Everything has a tag “Dublin,” but for the notes that may have lasting value I can also tag them with “Accelerate Prague,” the movement I am spearheading to define Prague as the next hot startup capital, and “Startups,” the tag for all things startup. And, if that was not enough organizational comfort – I can text search all of my notes for that one crazy piece of information I just have to have right now.

Evernote’s founder, Phil Libin did a recent interview with one of my favorite Podcasters, Tim Ferris. Tim FerrisPhil acknowledged, that, like many of the most successful startups, it all began with the desire to fulfill a personal need. I often tell folks who are eager for a try at entrepreneurship to solve a problem they have. It’s something you can be passionate about and use your intimate knowledge about.

So, when Evernotes launched a campaign to get people to pay for the awesomeness, with upgrade options popping up every time I seemed to open the app I had to do some soul searching.

The truth of the matter was I had yet to max out my capacity. Which is incredible given the fact I have been hoarding data on the app for five years.

No Need to Upgrade Shot

That said, I realized how completely brilliant the product was and that the good people of Evernotes deserved my money more than just about anyone else I was doling it out to. So, I paid. Felt good about it, exhilarated even.

I love you #Evernotes, #Lifesaver, #LifeHack

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