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August 29, 2015

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Recently I joined the planning team for the 5th Pride Business Forum. Event details were flying fast and furious the email gateway. Two weeks away from the event my highly anticipated trip to London to meet my daughter, on her way back from the U.S. and headed to Singapore, arrived. The team was a bit frantic, but I assured them I wasn’t going offline, just out-of-town. Half of our planning team were in other countries . I would be back before they all touched down in Prague.

After all I am the Global Mobile Worker.

My daughter and I, like clockwork, met at London’s Heathrow and navigated the Tube to our AirBnb apartment in a trendy, formerly down-and-out neighborhood. The post had advertised WiFi, the truth was the AirBnb host expected us to bootleg WiFi from the apartment upstairs which she was also renting through AirBnb.

We tried to connect phones, laptops, iPads with zero results on my Asus laptop and Samsung smartphone. The winner in this really bad situation was the MacBook and the iPhone, but even they could only get connected in one spot in the kitchen.


TMobile GlobalTo the rescue TMobile Global. While my daughter had to search through London minimarkets for an iPhone sim card, I was connected the minute I powered up my phone at Heathrow.



                          So, my mobile global technology, WiFi at cafes and in WiFi zones, with the incredible support of dropboxDropbox and Adobe Acrobat, I was able to email, review, revise and keep moving forward all the critical to do’s for the Forum.


I postponed a few items knowing I could rely on my trusty superfast UPC Wi-Fi when I returned home. Euphoric from a fantastic trip to London; food, strolls, musical theatre, and the changing of the guard, I came home to find my dismayed partner pointing at a completely dark modem. No flashing lights. It was dead. Could not be resurrected.

Friends CafeThe next morning I fled to Friend’s Café to catch up on the backlog and the following day I was back working my smartphone until the UPC technician arrived with a new modem (they get 48 hours to respond).

Moral of this story. A Digital Nomad can go digital in remote villages in Guatemala, beaches in Belize, hotels in Havana. One thing we know how to do is stay connected!


The event was a smashing success thanks to Londoners, Evan Davis, BBC economic anchor, and business icon, Lord Browne.


Being Thanked at Prague Pride with arrow

Planning Team and Volunteers for 5th Pride Business Forum







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