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Crossing to the Dark Side or Seeing the Light

January 1, 2018

My Journey to My New MacBook Air   There were new ways to do things and some learning curve ahead, yet I liked the way things floated in and out, or popped up and whooshed. It really earned the name Lucy, given by moje manželka (my wife), because it was sleek, sassy, and filled with creative genius.   Switching to a Mac is something of been considering for years. I briefly used one at work decades ago. Back then there was…

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Youtube Doesn’t Know Me Anymore

Had to do another system restore.  I have continually had space problems with my ASUS, which I had smugly blamed on the dissonance between the Asus operating system and Windows 8 to 8.1. The nifty feature that Microsoft included that would let me just…

May 9, 2015
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  We’ve all been there before. They look perfect on paper. All the things you are looking for in a relationship. Almost too good to be true. You spend some time together and its good, but the flaws start to show. Suddenly you are…

July 26, 2014
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My digital lover is in the hospital.  I am desolate, but managing to reconnect with my former companion, The Toshiba.  Yes, my better half, my ASUS Taichi 21 never regained its ability to project on the tablet screen, its mind completely scrambled by the…

June 8, 2014
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Those of you following this blog may have noticed that I never wrote the big reveal about my exciting new ASUS Taichi – a tablet and a laptop in one. I had pictures of the fancy box and the beautiful card inside that promised…

May 18, 2014
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Windows 8 My Life

Windows 8 My Life I would be posting more often if I wasn’t spending so much time trying to get Windows 8 to function.  I love my new Asus Taichi, I think.  I say I think because the tablet functionality is dependent on Windows…

November 14, 2013