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Is English the International Language?

May 3, 2014

  My journey through South America and Central America* forced me to think about the power of language.  My partner and I were constantly struggling to understand who, what, where, even though we spoke Spanish.  Each country had its own version of it, its own pacing and speed, its own slang.  Soup wasn’t just sopa, it was sometimes caldo or sancocho.  We would have brief respite from our Tower of Babel when we chatted with fellow travelers in our hostals. …

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When you travel internationally and power up your laptop you realize that the mobile world is keeping track of you.  I am greeted in each new country by a message from T-Mobile Global, “Welcome to …. When I click on the Google tab on…

January 21, 2014
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There is a war taking place in the CLOUD and the evil empire, Microsoft, is not above playing dirty.  It will take all my self-control not to turn this into a rant.  As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I selected a Windows laptop…

January 6, 2014
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I have lamented before how fearful I am that my life depends on Wifi.  Every search for a hostel begins with a check for WiFi and reviews about how strong it was.  Sadly, the checkmark on Hostelbookers or AirBnb is not a guarantee.  All…

December 1, 2013
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Windows 8 My Life

Windows 8 My Life I would be posting more often if I wasn’t spending so much time trying to get Windows 8 to function.  I love my new Asus Taichi, I think.  I say I think because the tablet functionality is dependent on Windows…

November 14, 2013