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Take Me Hola, I’m Yours

July 7, 2015

Sorry for the Pause – I have been living what I preach, working to launch a very cool startup called ARTSTAQ. We are set to disrupt the art world with a bridge to the financial markets – art as an investment. More to come, and now back to you.

I recently heard horrifying things about the business model for Hola. It was basically clear I was stripping myself naked, digitally speaking, for the privilege of faking a presence in the United States.

Hola ConnectionWired, MotherBoard and PC World told me that the Israeli company, HOLA, was selling my bandwidth to strangers who were just waiting to do bad things to me.

One article even suggested I had become an accomplice to cybercrime.Dark Side of Free VPNs

Should I say I’m sorry that I’m a desperate expat unable to dis connect from Pandora, Netfix and, yes, the real-time American television of Hulu long enough to shop for a “real” VPN.

Every day Pandora takes me home (Hola says I’m in San Francisco) with advertisements about the places and things I loved or loved to hate. Just today, happily working at Node5 in Prague, I listened fondly to a public service announcement about the closure of the Golden Gate Bridge, an event certain to cause chaos.

Nothing feels better than when I sit down to write, click on Pandora and hear the perfect music to match my mood. My muse just a click and a risky VPN away.

I was sharing a VPN with a friend who decided to swear off television and read a book. I haven’t the emotional will to select, pay for, and then test – most give you a 30-day money back guarantee, another VPN. It has to work with Netflix (easy), HULU (much trickier) and my siblings cable streaming services – this is where the failure rate can get high.

Help me friends. What VPN Should I Use?

Best Free VPNs

or should I believe the saying there is no free lunch and pick from

PC Mags Top VPN Picks

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