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November 3, 2015

Today at #WebSummit2015 was awesome. There are so many people here with a passion for technology. There were many presentations on the future of work and collaboration. They all failed to embrace the reality that people sitting in desks, in one location, near headquarters, is at risk.

I was excited to see someone from Upwork describe the program. But, disappointed to hear that the majority of freelancers on Upwork aren’t hired. There is a very low percentage of people that actually get work. My impression was that Upwork was more about the hiring companies than supporting the freelancers.

I felt more love from Allan Grant of Hiring in terms of respect for the talent that is out there being mobile and global.

I was disappointed by the presentations from Slack and Trello, who acknowledged they were building a collaboration tool that would let teams communicate from anywhere, then talked about the fact that their teams are heavily focused on their San Francisco base.

Where are the true revolutionaries that believe in the ability to collaborate globally? The future where everyone is at headquarters is over and we can’t count on U.S. companies to make that a reality. I’ve been there and they don’t get it. Face time is everything.

One of the most revealing experiences was the lack of audience for the open talent economy. My experience as a freelancer is that companies are still stuck in the mentality of “if I can’t see it happening it isn’t happening.” Where is the innovative tool that allows companies to judge the true value of productivity? The tool that demonstrates that no matter where I am producing I am producing. Managers tend to lack a results focused tool. How to measure outcomes and not time in the chair. If it’s at Web Summit please point it out to me. Because that will be the true disruptive innovation, the one that destroys the myth that Facetime equals productively.

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  • Janet DuVall November 3, 2015 at 5:53 pm

    Agree, after all these years & potential of Microsoft Cloud collaboration, very disappointed with lack of opportunities for true Professional work outside of the Cube/Box. Where are the brave & bold willing to give us a chance to even demonstrate our expertise/productivity from our remote cloud desks? I am willing to demonstrate my value and accept compensation only if prospective employer finds value in my test performance,(I did find a very happy employer/partner who responded to my email offering my consultation back in 1994, he was so amazed at my expertise that he offered double my typical compensation and kept me working with him remotely for 9 years until his death)…I note that similar opportunities now seem outside the “negotiation”, seems a though every great job is insisting on local in person residence.

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