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The Technology Dance

September 25, 2015

Dancing with Technology neon

There is so much technology dancing on my laptop that sometimes while everything is loading I see the screen jiggle a little bit. Whether in terror or anticipation I can never tell.

Technology is being hurled at me constantly.
I’m applying for these writing gigs that challenge me to have perfect grammar or else and up pops tantalizing ads for Grammerly and other grammar apps that promise perfect phrases. Grammerly took me off to a confusing page that seemed to be missing the “Free” promise that brought me there. I did a “hell no” and aborted the download. In stepped Ginger, quite gingerly I must say. The download was smooth, it offered to do all kinds of setup and connections for me.

Ginger on WordI awoke the next day to discover it had taken over my Word screen, hidden my menu so all I would think about is Ginger and how badly I needed it.

Then, when I went back online there was Grammerly on every sidebar of every search screen, even YouTube. “Don’t forget me,” it called, seemingly unaware that I had chosen another. Grammerly and I were over before we ever started, literally.

The dance is constant and when it becomes a group dance you pray everyone will know the same steps. I upgraded to Windows 10, clearly nothing to lose given my Windows 8 disaster (See most of 2013 – 2014 archives). But our Toshiba laptop is Windows 7 and it is working perfectly, and as the sole portal to our U.S. TV watching it was not to be tampered with. We already struggled to get our Hotspot Shield to recognize the Windows 7 laptop (We’ve been forced to use the Chrome extension) and the Shield doesn’t even have an option yet for Windows 10.
There is too much technology dancing across my screen and it won’t all play well together.

incompatible technologyThe Hulu TV only works with HOLA, but HOLA is apparently opening my home to cyber terrorists (see Take Me Hola, I’m Yours). The streams best with our paid VPN, Hotspot Shield, but it will only work on the Toshiba with Windows 7 as a Chrome extension, but HOLA and HotSpot refuse to work together on the same Chrome browser so one must be disengaged to use the other.

The McAfee Web Advisor keeps leaping out at me to assure me sites are safe. Would it stop me? Is this slowing me down? I already took it off my phone because it was.

Did I invite McAfee to execute all of this behavior somehow with something I downloaded or clicked on? Where is the off button?McAfee Web Advisor






At what point does this become madness?



Maybe I should join next years UNPLUG DAY




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