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The Ultimate Decision – What Ultrabook Will Keep Me Mobile and Productive

October 12, 2013

I asked myself – what are my critical wants – My Decisionmakers?   ultrabook-3

  • Ability to use touchscreen technology
  • Handwriting recognition technology (Samsung’s on the lead on this)
  • Voice Recognition technology (may be only a dream)
  • 2+ USB ports
  • Light Weight
  • Durability – I’m really clumsy
  • Reliability – I won’t know where the best local computer store
  • Battery Life

There is a saying about Ultrabooks:

The best way to think of an Ultrabook is a MacBook Air that isn’t made by Apple, a netbook that isn’t underpowered or a laptop that’s been on a crash diet.

I thought about the MacAir.  I had a recent experience with a Mac environment at a company and it was much improved from my first go round.  My love affair with Excel and love hate relationship with Powerpoint have held me captive to Microsoft (damn those bastards), even though the latest version is getting pretty close.  Still, going from PC to MAC my slides always did this weird flip on all the charts that was maddening.  I also noticed MAC users not scurrying to plug in at coffeeshops and people had there Macs forever.  Apple made sure if you couldn’t open the box you wouldn’t need to.

Yet, as the Ultrabooks got lighter and faster the Apple ecosystem became less compelling and Android and Google had bullied me into their ecosystem with Gmail and Calendars and Contacts, and Google welcomed my iApple friends.

Still, the choices were overwhelming and felt like matching Fiji Apples to Asian Pears.  I did learn a few facts that applied to my decisionmakers, like battery Life.

SSD vs. HDD makes a difference on battery life:

You should however be aware that both the CPU and the types of storage chosen (SSD or HDD) have an impact on battery life (an Intel Core i3 is going to be more efficient, but slower than an i5 or i7, and SSD is going to need less battery life, but is more expensive than a HDD).

Now somebody explain why I should care about SSD or HDD.

The new generation Haswell is apparently the bomb  –

Thanks to its new Haswell chip, 4-cell lithium-polymer batteries are lasting an impressive 8 hours and 26 minutes. That’s more than 2 hours longer than Lenovo’s claims, as well as the 6:22 category average.  

But if you don’t have it you suck.

I found the most thorough reviews from Mike who wrote about the Ultrabooks as if he’d slept with them.  He thought about things at a depth, that quite frankly freaked me out a bit, and I found it extremely useful.  Check him out –

It’s down to these two choices, and I decided not to spring extra for the i7 over the i5 Core Processor, that is plenty of computing power for me.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13  is a convertible touch-screen laptop/tablet that most importantly doesn’t compromise the traditional laptop experience.  The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga isn’t just a great device in itself, but also a superb flagship for Windows 8. This convertible touchscreen laptop has a 13-inch screen, making for rather a large tablet, but a great-sized Ultrabook.  It’s a brilliantly flexible machine all around, and offers good battery life in general use. It’s not particularly powerful, but it’s certainly fast enough for most people, and it looks great, too.

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51

Ultra Low-Voltage Core i5 processor is efficient. USB 3.0. Bright, high-resolution display. Superb Bang & Olufsen sound. Slim and sturdy monoshell construction. Security features provide peace of mind. Includes mini VGA-to-VGA and USB-to-Ethernet dongles for added connectivity. Solid-state drive offers instant boot-up and resume time. One of the few cons is a Mini HDMI port instead of full-size one, and I don’t really know what that means.

 Help me pull the trigger VOTE ON MY ULTRABOOK!

 I’M ITCHING TO BUY – CAN’T STAND THE UNCERTAINTY ANYMORE.  Let’s face it, a writer’s laptop is like a lover.


In the words of Carrie Bradshaw  Carrie-Bradshaw-L

 “Come to me Lover.” – you figure out which episode.

For a good comparison grid go to:

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