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November 18, 2014

They Got MeI noticed the other day when I powered up that before Microsoft will let me type in my password, which I have tried multiple times unsuccessfully to make it stop asking for, before it will let me in it starts the wifi – wants to be connected to the MotherShip.  It is all becoming just too creepy.  My phone just updated all the Google apps like gmail and calendar.  When I launched them again they had reached out in cyberspace to tell me as much as possible about everyone I’m in cyber contact with, and in photos.  Photos that came from who knows where from who knows when.  Who am I not in cyber contact with?  With whom is my relationship strictly analog.  I’m even in email contact with my 80-year-old cousins.  And now that I’ve left the land of my birth it’s the only way for me to be in contact with the vast majority of my life.  THEY GOT ME.


Narrator:  It wasn’t until 20__ they became suspicious of their machines.

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