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February 18, 2011

Don’t just imagine that sentence in a foreign accent.  There is an American voice that feels the dollar doesn’t need to be the dominant form of currency.  Two separately emerging movements are challenging the superiority of the dollar; global dissatisfaction with the dollar and American resurgence in barters and exchanges. 

On the global front there is a movement to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency.  The explanation of this movement is described in chilling detail in a viral video called “The End of America.”

The video sermon is backed up by other media sources.  The dollar’s days may be numbered with a new report out from the IMF that a replacement to the world’s reserve currency could stabilize world economies. This report by the IMF may be just another move to create a single, global economy and financial system under one umbrella.  

Yesterday, word came out that the German Borse was seeking to purchase the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which would help create the world’s largest trading exchange. In an article by CNN Money, the IMF specified that their Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s) are ready to replace the dollar as the reserve currency.

Read about the International Monetary Fund –  Dollar Could Be On the Brink as the IMF issues report on its replacement.

There is a global currency meltdown and other countries are demanding changes in U.S. currency policy.  They don’t want the dollar to King of Trade any more.  See Global Currency Meltdown.


In an economy filled with discouraged workers, there were 1.3 million of them in November, an increase of 421,000 from a year earlier, there is a ray of hope.  Inside the U.S. citizens who don’t have dollars are returning to the barter and exchange system that flourished before the U.S. became a money printing machine, and even decades later when the idea of dollars hadn’t caught on in the prairie and the “Wild West.”  Whenever a currency is under severe stress the populace increasing moves to trades and exchanges.  It happens in wars, genocides, civil instability, and economic crises.  And remember, Manhattan and Louisiana were acquired without the exchange of dollars.

During the early 1930’s, scrappy citizens in many cities formed ambitious “self-help” organizations to minimize their reliance on assistance.  These groups – which called themselves leagues, councils, and association – put together barter and exchange systems for their members.  As many as a million Americans joined these groups in Dayton, Ohio; Omaha, Nebraska; and dozens of other cities of varying sizes.

The most successful of all these groups was Seattle’s Unemployed Citizens’ League which reached a peak of 50,000 members in the early 1930s.  UCL members shared tons of garden produce, thousands of cords of firewood, and an estimated 120,000 pounds of fish from the waters of Puget Sound among themselves.  By 1932 the organization had proven itself so clever and talented that city officials placed Seatte’s entire relief program under the direction of the UCL.

My friends who have been unemployed for over two years have begun to fret about home repairs.  No need to worry.   Wonderful opportunities for sharing are blossoming.  Craigslist has added a barter category and Social Networking SHINES AGAIN– connecting people with mutual needs who don’t even know each other.

For example, the Barter Network.  There is even a newsletter – Barter News Weekly, and a How to Guide.

Senator Sue Lowden even suggest we can fix the healthcare system with barter.

Shopping at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and local charities thrift shops has now become green.  Saving tons of clothes from landfills and helping the poor or sick is a win win win proposition.  Some of my favorite fashions came from thrift stores, like my Tahari blazer for $5.  I’ve slowly built a corningware collection at $1.50 to $2.00 a piece.  Reusing everything creates a more sustainable economy and a more sustainable planet.  Economic crisis is transforming American Values.

I am a huge fan and user of the Freecycle Network.  Local networks of subscribers powered by Yahoo Groups offer things they were going to throw away or give away to the network.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  We have received papasan chairs and dressers all from Freecycle – Free.  I even scored a Palm Zire when the user moved to a different PDA.

Clothing Swaps are coming back into vogue.  Someone organizes an event where people bring their gently worn clothes that have lost their position in a wardrobe to be discovered and reloved by someone new.  You may even make a new friend who just happens to be your size.

See this great  ABC News Video on Clothing Swaps

Other Resources

Tradeway – world’s largest online Barter/Exchange Auction site

 Buffalo Exchange

Crossroads Trading Co.

Please note the IRS has something to say about these.  But let’s be real, its an interesting area to try to audit.

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