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What Kind of Crazy Idea Was This?

November 8, 2013

Sorry for the radio silence but the task of moving and preparing for travel overwhelmed us. We went non-stop for two weeks packing and begging people to take our things for free. The amount of energy required to give things away told me how tired Bay Areians at least of hoarding. We had Garage Sales and goodbye parties that were just a ruse to give people things as they went out the door. My partner, Alena, dragged friends through the apartment explaining why they could not live without this or that. Sometimes boxes were dropped on doorsteps, the doorbell was rung and we fled into the night.
Finally it was time to ship my things to Prague. Five years ago I declared to my friends that I wanted to be able to move about the world with five boxes and a suitcase. It turned out to be four boxes and a trunk. I had achieved my dream.
I most recently promised the unveiling of my travel laptop. I tantalized you with the Asus Zen and the Lenovo Yoga. Then I was going to dazzle you with my new discovery, the ultimate ultralite. Well, listen for those leaving the country in a rush, don’t order your computer online. I order my dream laptop, it took a week longer than expected and when it arrived, after an hour setting it up, it would not charge. Now I had three parties to deal with, Amazon, the Third Party Seller, and the manufacturer. Everyone passed the buck and no one could get me a laptop in the week I had left. Computer Central to the rescue. They located my dream laptop at their store in Santa Clara and had it sent up to San Francisco by 4pm the first day.
Next hurdle – the f*&^%ing Windows 8. I hate it. Everything is flying around and I can’t stop making it ask me for a password every time the thing goes to sleep. So what did I finally get? What beautiful machine are my fingers flying over as we speak? Now that I have caught up on much needed sleep I will tell you all about it from my Airbnb home away from home in Rio de Janiero.

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