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Where in the World Was the Global Mobile Worker? Or How Not to Migrate to a Hosted Server

April 2, 2017


In the over four years that I have been doing this blog, there were very few gaps in posting. I posted from jungles in Guatemala, I posted from Havana, Cuba, talking my way into a hotel’s business center because that is the only place to get the internet in the city. Yet, I was brought to my knees by my ambition to offer more, play the bigger game. The very technology that supports my right to exist on the internet and spout my opinions about the future of work seemed to turn against me and keep me from being a part of my community. Through blind perseverance, hungry determination, I have clawed my way back to my tribe.
Brought to My Knees by WordPress Migration

I have put most of it behind me now, except what I will share in a future post – IDIOT’S GUIDE TO HOW TO MOVE YOUR BLOG TO A HOSTED SERVER. Ironically, the very thing that is one of the most painful parts of the experience – the social media stalking – is the very thing I am counting on to make money from my digital content. I can’t help but be pissed off when Hostgator continues to pop-up on my Facebook, Podcast Addict, and YouTube, rubbing salt in the wounds of my Hostgator experience, intruding in my life in completely unrelated pages, like “How to cook perfect moules marinières.” If there is an ad on a page – it’s, of course, Hostgator, that’s how they sucked me in. Now, the very thing I longed for myself left me with the acid churning in my stomach and the steam coming from my ears, when all I had wanted was a peaceful and delicious Christmas. Yes, the nightmare began over the holidays.
It was a pivotal moment when after taking advantage of the Hostgator “free migration” offer –I opened the blog that I had dedicated myself to for three years I saw the “Hello World” of a newly created blog.
At that point, I was willing to pay anything to bring my baby back. If it was only so easy. That is yet a tale for a future blog on finding someone to build or rebuild your WordPress website. I can’t wait to share the experience of going from a freelancer to a client on Upwork.

The New Future of the Global Mobile Worker

The major impetus for moving my blog was the launch of my new author website after my first book, Two Broke Chicas Backpack Through South and Central America, Mexico and Cuba, went live on Amazon. It was a dream come through and a tribute to many of the things that I’ve learned over the past four years about the digital economy and location independent dream building.
I had to get thoughtful about what I wanted to express through the Two Broke Chicas site and what the Global Mobile Worker is all about. While travel is a theme on Global Mobile Worker, it is not the centerpiece of our conversation. The Future of Work is about the way technology impacts how we communicate, work and innovate as teams, whether we are location dependent, or a part of a global team trying to do work across time zones. For the Global Mobile Worker technology is more than just an enabler, it’s a way of life. We don’t just use the technology, we live the technology, believe in the technology, evangelize the technology.

What’s the Conversation All About?

The future of work has lots of dimensions, and the one I care about most is the one enabled by technology. So, what is there to talk about? The impact of the shared economy on the future definition of workers, the best places to work remotely, programs that help the timid cut the cord, the ways teams can function virtually, be managed virtually, protest, celebrate and thrive virtually. We can talk about the impact of language and culture on the location independent future of work, and the technology tools that we can use to make the world a smaller place.

Welcome Back or Welcome In

The journey that began on my four-month trek through South and Central America, Mexico, and Cuba, with a commitment to prove that you could work from anywhere (read all about it in Two Broke Chicas) have led us into thought provoking and heartwarming discussions about the future of work. I will continue to explore the social revolution that has made global migration a way of life and has changed the way we interact in articles like IS GLOBAL MOBILE WORK A DISCONNECT? THE POWER OF CONNECTION and I Speak Technology.

Let’s dive deep into the changing paradigms of the freelance and location independent economy. Like we did in How to hire your employer and WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO MOVE TO THE MOTHERSHIP?

This will be the place to learn about technological tools like in 11 Of The Best Tools for International Freelancers and the travel tools like the ScotteVest that make a nomadic life doable. I recently traveled to Singapore and the Philippines with my daughter and I had to show my passport seven times during the weeklong trip. It was a worry-free experience with my ScottVest.
So, my faithful readers – some of whom I lost in the migration journey. According to WordPress, which was very customer responsive, it’s because”
As for the subscribers, the discrepancy is because includes Publicize-connected followers in the total, while Jetpack does not. You’ll find that your 223 Twitter and 391 Facebook followers make up the difference in this case.

Come back to me Twitter and Facebook followers – Join the Conversation

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