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May 18, 2014

Those of you following this blog may have noticed that I never wrote the big reveal about my exciting new ASUS Taichi – a tablet and a laptop in one. I had pictures of the fancy box and the beautiful card inside that promised the best customer experience ever.

And then I turned on my brand new machine loaded with Windows 8. The problems began immediately and I felt compelled to wait until I could sort out the performance of the machine from the lack of performance from the shiny new operating system. I’m still waiting and now it has become clear to me their fates are inextricably linked.
After an upgrade to Windows 8.1 – which did almost nothing for me – and two months of random updates that always seemed to force a restart when I had a call in five minutes and needed the computer – magically my internet connection issues were resolved.
For those of you who haven’t been keeping up – Windows 8 in its desire to create a secure network connection refused to remember the network key and could not maintain an internet connection. Reconnecting to the internet several times a session wasn’t bad when the network key was MyHouse. But, while on the road the network key was often something like 8fgH490Xpqr1256.

Was Windows 8 a Bad Idea
When we finally arrived at our new home and had strong stable internet after a couple more Windows updates the connection magically lasted. Then even more amazingly the connection was there every time I turned on or woke up the computer – and it automatically connected when I went to my favorite places like it used to do every morning when I went to PHILZ in San Francisco – just like Windows 7 and XP. I was ecstatic. I could stop carrying around a post-it with the network key.
And then I noticed the tablet screen on my Asus – the reason I was willing to pay the same price as a MAC Air – had stopped working.
The immediate suggestion from the ASUS support person was to do a system reset. That is the life equivalent of rebooting a relationship – wipe out the existence of your partner and start dating all over again. In some scenarios that could be a good thing. If you happen to like your partner the chance you may never see each other again makes it not work the risk. Am I being too dramatic?
I had a bundle of downloaded software that I would now have to deauthorize and reload. I would have to figure out how to re-download my one free download of things like Turbotax. The Tax Man could cometh again and I needed that software. So, I balked. Instead I went to Forums and online communities to search for solutions.
Here is what I discovered. Asus and Intel had only prepared their device drivers for Windows 8. They weren’t prepared for the disaster that became Windows 8.1 and dozens of later updates to fix a deeply flawed product. The Intel driver for my tablet screen was incompatible with the Windows updates. Even when Intel got it together to update the driver – ASUS did not have it together to bless the driver.

I have just emerged from a one month nightmare of rebooting and downloading. I have learned one glaring lesson – Steve Jobs got it right when he demanded control over both the operating system, the drivers and the software that was going to make his Macs dance for their owners.

Here are the steps I took to make my computer do what it was meant to do in the first place.

Intel INF Update Driver: http://support.asus.…
click on “global” to download the driver.
The driver will be in a zip folder.
Open the file, then choose the option to “extract”.
Once extracted, you should run the Setup.exe program.
When the driver installation is complete, please restart the unit.

Please download the Asus Taichi Display Control from the support website:


Select/click “GLOBAL” to download file.
This will download as a .zip file (compressed file).
Extract the entire contents and run/ launch the setup application or .exe to install the device driver software.
The pc will likely prompt you to restart to complete the installation.

Right-click on zip/ compressed file and select extract-all from the menu.

Check the extracted folder contents for the installer/ setup application/.exe file

Okay, you may use the below instructions to reinstall the graphics driver:
Here is a link to the Intel VGA driver Version V10.18.10.3412 for the Taichi21 notebook:…S_TAICHI_21/HelpDesk_Download/

Select your operating system (Win8.1), then choose “VGA”, click on “global” to download the driver.
The driver will be in a zip folder.
Open the file, then choose the option to “extract”.
Once extracted, you should run the Setup.exe program.
When the driver installation is complete, please restart the unit.
You may click the envelope icon at the top of this chat window to send a copy of this chat to your email.

Just uninstall the KB291935 Update and wait for ASUS (or Intel) releasing updated drivers.

Intel Community

Thanks for joining the community.
I understand you have loaded Windows 8.1 update and you can use it only as notebook screen.
I recommend loading the latest video driver for your graphics controller at this URL:

Please filter by operating system version and try to install the driver when it finishes downloading, to verify that your system will accept it.

Post from Frustrated User –
This Intel reply is useless!!
I’ve tried to install and receive message that drivers are not approved by manufacturer!

This is the reply from ASUS: April 2014 – TO DO A SYSTEM RESTORE
Thank you for your trust in our support ASUS.

My name is Mike and i will try to offer you the best support for our products.

The Windows 8.1 still has a lot to improve when it comes to hardware/software compatibility, therefore i recommend rolling back to Windows 8, as the product came preinstalled with in the first time. You can follow the bellow procedure in order to restore back:

Attention! Please plugin the charger during the process and also be advised that after restoring the operating system, all data will be lost!

Windows 8 ballon on reset1. Completely turn off the PC by holding the Power Button pressed for 30 seconds;
2. Right after you turn on the PC, start pressing the F2 key repeatedly to enter BIOS;
3. In BIOS, on the BOOT section, set the Fast Boot on Disabled;
4. Press the F10 key to save settings and exit BIOS;
5. Start pressing, repeatedly, the F9 key to access the Recovery Menu;
6. Select Troubleshooting and pick one of the Options: – Refresh your PC (brings the PC back to factory settings, without losing data on the other partitions); – Reset your PC (brings the PC back to factory settings with data loss);
7. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait until the recovery process is completed. For any type of questions or issues you encounter with the products (hardware or software), feel free to contact us whenever you need. Don’t hesitate to reply to the e-mails you’re receiving from us. We hope that our support will be useful and we wish you a great day ahead. Best Regards, Mike ASUS Technical Support,

An Asus reply posted in a Forum
Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
My name is May and it’s my pleasure to help you with your problem.
We apologize for the inconvenience in using our product and the delayed response due to the weekend.
For this issue, please refer to the following information to reinstall the intel VGA driver.…
And then please restart the laptop after you installed.
If this problem still remains, please install the ASUS Close Lid and ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities.
Version V1.1.8
ASUS Close Lid
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download TAICHI21
Version V1.0.0030
ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download TAICHI21


A lesser person would have gone screaming to the GEEK SQUAD. I am in the Czech Republic – the Geeks only speak Czech. I was on my own.

After doing absolutely every single one of these things my tablet screen came on briefly once somewhere in this process never to return. And now my computer takes 8 minutes to boot up.


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  • Jeff Pilisuk (@ienso) May 19, 2014 at 11:03 am

    What a mess! On the plus side, you’ve confirmed my decision to get a Macbook Air.