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Windows 8 My Life

November 14, 2013

Windows 8 My Life

I would be posting more often if I wasn’t spending so much time trying to get Windows 8 to function.  I love my new Asus Taichi, I think.  I say I think because the tablet functionality is dependent on Windows 8 and so far it has not just under-performed, it has failed to perform.

window shopping


First, the thing is constantly updating and configuring.  It was just loaded, why didn’t it come ready to go.  Second, these updates and configuring take literally 30 – 45 minutes.  Is it Windows, is it my Taichi?  Then none of the apps are working.  They all insist that something needs to be installed and when I agree they just sit there – saying pending.


The Windows store – which is apparently just for window shopping, offers me a free download of new Windows 8.1.  I repeatedly click yes hoping it will fix the problems and it never gets past a 16% download.


Since I am in Rio (I’m actually on the plane now to Chile via Buenos Aires) I can’t call them so I try to have a Live Chat.

plane to chile


I wait and wait and then it tells me there is no Live Chat person available – even though the line below this tragic messages indicates they are offering 24/7 support.

Not even my SKYPE works on my Windows computer – even though Microsoft owns it.  The SKYPE on my Android phone works fine.  Interesting.



How ironic that I picked ASUS over an MAC Air because of my love for Microsoft Office.  Officially that is the only thing I love about Microsoft.  AND QUIT CHANGING OFFICE.  I am sick of spending two hours finding simple functions because you Microsoft want to pretend you are innovating.  Who is running that place?  Where is Bill when you need him?  Bill forget the feeding the world, make my laptop work again.

Why must I choose between one evil empire after another that wants to suck my personal information down a rabbit hole and then under deliver.  Maybe I should have bought a MAC. Especially now that they have finally, finally hired a women on their Senior Executive Team.

Finally Apple has a Woman


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  • maxmarcimov November 14, 2013 at 8:36 am

    You absolutely, positively should have bought a Mac. 🙂