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January 21, 2014

When you travel internationally and power up your laptop you realize that the mobile world is keeping track of you.  I am greeted in each new country by a message from T-Mobile Global, “Welcome to ….

When I click on the Google tab on my browser reminds me where I am today, with Google Peru or Google Brazil or….


I don’t have to tell Google that I have moved on to a new country.  They know through the magic of the internet that I am no longer in the USA.  I have to wonder if I am getting the same content.  What’s different?  What’s the same?  Will Google analytics still feed me information with a South American flavor when I finally arrive in Prague?  Only the wizard behind the curtain knows the answers to these questions.

It’s not just Google that is following my movements.  When I open my Yahoo mail I am treated to a different palette of current events, in Espanol.  Even BING knows my location.


Somehow Justin Beiber is still trending no matter where I am.

Being in South America hasn’t helped me score airfare deals slated for locals.  I find mad promotions promising to save me a 12 hour bus ride for mere pesos.  My computer may be in Colombia but my credit card is from the USA and it tips them off every time.

The greatest challenge came when I realized I had ignored my GoDaddy expiration notices for my domain registration.  I thought I had rid myself of GoDaddy, with its misogynistic advertising, when I switched to WIX to host my website.  Alas, Wix does not control my domain registration.  So, with great resentment, I went on the GoDaddy website only to be confronted with everything in Spanish.  Even  logging into my account did not convince GoDaddy that I needed to complete this transaction in English.  So I bravely, and with my fingers crossed, renewed my domain registration in Espanol.  It worked, because my website was back up in no time.

Now I want support from Microsoft to fix the nightmare created by Windows 8.1 download.  Guess what?  All in Espanol, no matter what I do it is determined that if you are in Colombia you must get support in Spanish.  Well the evil empire will not defeat me.  I will use Google Translate to beat them at their game and find a way back to my Dropbox.


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