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September 14, 2015

teach old dog new trics

Thanks to the  Czechitas logo I can personally attest to the ability to teach old dogs new tricks. Now granted, I am a large consumer of technology and therefore do not have the fear of it commonly attributed to my generation. That said, I still felt great personal satisfaction when I wrote HTML codes to change formats, colors and positions. I would never be afraid to click on the HTML tab on WordPress again.

Robin Learning HTML

I know how important it is to stay on top of technology. I am at an age that is stereotyped as stuck in the mud, resistant; like an old CD, sure you could find something to play it in, but why?

My generation cannot afford to fall on this sword. There is more at stake than sharing Facebook photos with the grandkids. There are serious implications for the economic well-being of nations. Increasing acquisition of technology skills across a broad age demographic (like all those fancy words?) is a global issue. It is vital to the engines of commerce.

“Older” Employees Aren’t Going Anywhere


As Europe’s population ages many European States have raised the pension age and designed incentives for people to stay longer in employment. This results in a steady increase of participation among older workers and a change in attitude towards retirement.

According to the latest Office for National Statistics report, there are currently 1.13 million workers in the UK, aged 65 or over, compared to 874,000 in 2011, when the default retirement age was finally phased out. The state pension age in the UK will steadily rise, equalize in 2018 at 65 for men and women, then continue to increase until it reaches 67 for all in 2028.

This transition has already been underway in the U.S., and while my older cohorts are filing for retirement at 65, I have to wait until 67 ½ to receive my full bounty.

Can I Get a Job Up in Here?old get job

STOP. Then why do older workers face career such challenges, having their resumes tossed to the side while every company tries to find someone with 10 years’ experience in a specific skill set who is under 50?

In the US, nearly 40 percent of older workers who lost their jobs during the Great Recession said they are still unemployed, according to a report titled “The Long Road Back…”

Nick Corcodilos has an interesting perspective, that the HR industry fuels the pursuit of purple squirrels, that elusive perfect candidate, because it makes them appear critical to finding talent. Companies don’t stop to think unrealistic job descriptions are the barrier to bringing in great talent – and great talent may come in a slightly older package.

Global business is failing to see the long-term view, with declining birth rates in the U.S., Japan and Western Europe companies need older workers to maintain productivity. The truth is older workers have accumulated experience, skills and knowledge that if lost can cripple organizations.

Japan was one of the first countries to begin planning for an aging workforce. With the highest proportion of older adults in the world, by 2030 one in every three in Japan will be 65+ years, and one in five people 75+ years. Japan healthcare robot

Japan is exploring using robots to do low-level jobs, such as delivering medicines, bedpans, or even companionship as the operating system does in the movie “Her.” according to Mike Ettling, President, HR Line of Business, SAP

Europa 2020 this workforce trend is not gloom and doom:

‘A longer working life will both support the sustainability and the adequacy of pensions, as well as bring growth and general welfare gains for an economy.

Europa 2020

Lifelong Learning

It is often suggested that older workers’ attitudes to education are a “dispositional barrier.” A UK survey indicated employers feared that “older workers were sometimes offended at any suggestion that they were incompetent.”

That’s no Bueno. Life isn’t going to standstill like it did when our foremothers were on prairies and in villages. Every age in the workforce must adopt the value of lifelong learning.

Quote in Senior Class

So that is why I was sitting in an HTML/CSS with my “seasoned” colleague, Lenka Mrazova, of LMentio, a professional career coach who advises lifelong learning, and teaches by doing it herself.

Lenka in Czechitas Workshop

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