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Youtube Doesn’t Know Me Anymore

May 9, 2015

Had to do another system restore. Angry Woman

I have continually had space problems with my ASUS, which I had smugly blamed on the dissonance between the Asus operating system and Windows 8 to 8.1. The nifty feature that Microsoft included that would let me just repair my Asus and get back to work didn’t work. It claimed I didn’t have enough space to execute a repair – which is exactly the reason I came to the feature to begin with.

OS Disk Full

Does this sound like catch22

Oh, and the other reason I was willing to do another system restore was after an unauthorized Windows update (I have done everything I can think of to stop automatic updates and still they come), that I was able to undo because the system restore point feature wasn’t working because – you guessed it – I am out of space- MY TABLET SCREEN has gone from a no touch screen to a no screen at all.

So, my carefully executed heavily documented system restore began.

The greatest lesson I learned in my system restore is that unconscious bias will lead you to the wrong decision every time. After I had Windows 8 loaded and updated to 8.1 I began the reloading, which thanks to the cloud is less painful. After downloading Dropbox I noticed it was syncing 17, 899 files – woooo! – 3 days later (okay it only took one full day) my system was again out of space. So, that’s what’s happening. I’m a paid Dropbox users so I’m not getting any space alerts on that end. But all the folder sharing I have been doing with various teams was hogging my resources. Simple solution, I chose less files to sync. They are always waiting for me in the cloud. Problem solved. Right!

My tablet screen lights up, makes pretty picture but no touchy touchy. I can’t read a book on it, have a SKYPE call, nada. Right back to hating Asus for creating this thing that has never truly satisfied me.

Digital Nomads by design have a complex and sometimes needy connection to technology. I’ve had some pretty intense relationships with my laptops. They are an extension of my soul as the portal of my ideas, aspirations and desires.

This one, which I have never even named because it was a problem out of the box, has disappointed me. Sleek, sexy package. Ultralight, decent battery life and a fun, sophisticated case. IMAG0547

Those things all seduced me along with having this dual screen thing that no one else had. That is what you get for using ego thinking. Now snap on off touch screens (almost gone is the no touch screen) create a laptop tablet combo that actually works.

I am stuck with a tablet screen attached to a no touch screen that has only actually worked two months – not consecutively – in the 18 months that I have owned it.

The worst part of the experience is re-building my internet world. Reauthorizing and downloading is just a small part of it. The hard part is when your favorite places don’t recognize you. Ask you to log-in before they deliver the personalized experience you have come to love. In fact, you’re being asked security questions, like some hacker creeping in a back door. Thank God you have your smart phone, which still remembers who you are.

Slowly, you feed the internet your information and things start coming into alignment. You’ve signed in to everything and everything is now connected, so you can share, Like, tweet, link from one app to another seamlessly. Now when I click on YouTube instead of some sad, weird, paid for collection of recommendations I get my

Own Network1
moyer-and-co-banner(keepin me honest about America).

I know who I am again.

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